Juliet M

At first I was a skeptic. This was truly my last resort. I was in terrible pain for weeks every time my partner and I had intercourse. I was always dry and uncomfortable. When I came to steven, he was clear that I was a difficult case, but that he was optimistic. He had me change my diet—in ways that were good for my general health as well. He had me drink herbal remedies that he put together specifically for me, and of course, there was the acupuncture. I was afraid of the idea of needles in my body, but it was actually quite relaxing. I began to look forward to it on a weekly basis. But now to the results Within weeks my body was responding to sexual activity and now I can say that I enjoy intercourse like I never have before in my life. Steven is amazing. He listens, he responds, and most importantly, he cares. Thank you.
¬Juliet M, New York, NY